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Our Four Favorite Knitting Blogs

I’m not really a good knitter – I feel as though I have unraveled more mistakes than I have finished actual projects. But that’s okay! There are plenty of aspirational blogs to follow — to pick up a few tips and tricks and download some neat free patterns too. Here our four of our favorite knit and purl heroes! Wendy Knits This is one of the top blogs to check out for fun knitting projects and stories surrounding a crafty

Our Four Favorite Woodworking Blogs

Recently on Rake and Shovel we have been on a DIY spree, and have been reading up on blogs from topics such as crafting, knitting, and woodworking. There are millions of DIY blogs out there, but we have our favorites. Check out our four favorite woodworking blogs! The “woodworking” tag on is a goldmine! The online version of popular DIY magazine Make, gives you not just woodworking how-to’s, but also has a shop to help you source

How to Grow Guava Indoors

Guava is a pulpy, sweet, and juicy fruit that thrives mainly in tropical regions. This cold-sensitive plant is an ideal container tree as it does well indoors in easily achievable conditions. Guava fruit is eaten raw or used as an ingredient in drinks, desserts, jams, and candies. In many parts of the world, the fruit is eaten with a little sprinkling of salt which brings out its sweet and mellow flavor. Guava trees can be grown in containers and can

How to Kill Aphids: Top 6 Ways

Aphids are one of the most widespread garden pests – killing plants and annoying gardeners from New England to Southern California. While you always have the option of reaching for chemical pesticides, there are other cheaper and less harmful ways to control aphid populations. Check out our top six tips! Dishwashing Detergent Materials 900 ml water 50 ml dishwashing detergent (citrus variants work best) 50 ml cooking oil Directions Combine all ingredients in a spray bottle and shake well. Spray

Growing Grapefruit Indoors

Citrus trees like grapefruit make for fantastic – if unusual, house plants. If you care for your indoor grapefruit plant as recommended below, you may even get sweet smelling flowers and delicious fruit as the seasons pass. Instead of growing from seed, choose a two-to three-year-old dwarf tree from a local orchard or garden store instead. Select a clay, ceramic, or plastic pot slightly larger than the root ball to grow your grapefruit in. It should have several holes at

Five More Easy to Grow Vegetables

We already shared a list of five vegetables that are easy to grow and are perfect for summer planting for rookie gardeners. If you think you can handle a bit more of a challenge, why not sow five more plants that are perfect for the season? Carrots Carrots can be planted in spring or late summer. They prefer cooler climates, and do best in deep, loose soil. Seeds sprout easily, producing a million teeny plants that must be thinned. When

Five Easy To Grow Vegetables

Summer is the perfect time to start planting summer vegetables so they are ready for harvesting by the end of summer or the beginning of autumn. If you have no idea where to start, here are five suggestions for beginners. Bush Beans Bush beans or green beans are easy to grow from seed. Direct sow them in the garden after the soil temperature has warmed. Beans are shallow rooted so be careful when working the soil around the plants. The

What is Deadheading? And Why is it Important?

Eric Kilby

Deadheading sounds quite dangerous — but in reality, it just means the removal of dead flowers and leaves from a flourishing plant to promote good health. Deadheading not only keeps your garden looking attractive and alive, it also helps your plants by redirecting precious nutrients away from dead flowers and leaves to healthier shoots and blooms. Get in the habit of deadheading early and often. If you spend at least a short time in the garden each day, your deadheading

Host a Party for Harry Potter’s Birthday!

Did you know that 31st July is not only the birthday of the Boy Who Lived — Harry Potter, but also of the author of the series J.K. Rowling? If you’re a big Potterhead, you should be celebrating in style with this momentous double occasion! Here are a few ideas to get you started. You can download a template online and print it out. To get the aged look, spray the paper with coffee or sponge lightly with a wet

How to Grow Snapdragons in Containers

Inga Munsinger Cotton

Snapdragons (also called dragon flowers) are pretty fblowers that are said to resemble to the face of a dragon that opens and closes its mouth when squeezed. The snapdragon actually has a floral meaning that can mean two different things, it can be a sign of a gracious lady, or it can be a sign of deception, you can take your pick and have it your way. You can easily grow snapdragons in pots, and they thrive well in cooler

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